In an animal communication consultation, I facilitate the conversation between you and your animal friend(s). The initial communication is usually based on questions you have regarding the animal’s health, behaviors, personality, etc. As the animal responds, you may discover that the issue in question was a way for the animal to get your attention so they can give you a message. Each animal, like each human, has a unique perspective and wisdom to share with us. When given the opportunity, our animal friends can teach us a great deal. If an animal also needs energy work or other holistic healing support, we’ll learn that during the session. I also offer Reiki to humans and animals independent of an animal communication session. Book any type of session in the dropdown menu below.

I offer animal communications consultations over the phone or through Zoom. For Zoom or phone sessions, I work with you to set up a date/time that works for both of us, so book below. You get a free audio recording with a Zoom session!

I also offer some in-person slots as well in my professional office in a peaceful, loving space in North Scottsdale. My in-person office hours are Tuesdays-Thursdays from 7 p.m. -10 p.m.; Saturdays from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. For an in-person visit, toggle down through the drop-down menu below and let me know what date/time within my office hours works for you, and I’ll send you my office address and directions. Thanks!

Also, in true emergencies, such as if your animal becomes lost, or your animal suddenly seems ill and you want an emergency consultation while you’re transporting your animal to the vet, I offer same-day consultations for $300. The reality with a lost animal is that the quicker we begin communicating with the animal, the better likelihood for a positive outcome.

One other service: Reiki sessions for humans and animals. Email me to book a session, as rates depend on the length of time required. These can be done in-person or through distance healing.

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I also offer various facilitated workshops to help you to rediscover your inner knowledge, trust your intuition and receive messages from the natural world.

Animal Communication

Animal Reiki Training

Plant Communication


Grief Workshop

Mediumship/Intuitive Development

Personal Mentoring

For more information about upcoming workshops or on-demand training, please contact me.