In a consultation, I will assist in facilitating the conversation between you and your animal friend(s). The initial communication is usually based on questions you have regarding the animal’s health, behaviors, personality, etc. As the animal responds however you may discover that the issue in question was really just a way for the animal to get your attention so they can give you a message. Your animal cares deeply about you and many times will want to convey concerns they have about you or others in their life. Each animal, like each human, has a unique perspective and wisdom to share with us. When given the opportunity, our animal friends can teach us a great deal. If an animal also needs energy work or other holistic healing support this will be brought up during the session and addressed during our time together.












Consultation Options include:
30 Minute Consultation for $75
60 Minute Consultation for $125
Emergency/Lost Animal Consultation (60 Minute/Same Day) for $250
Email/Text Consultation with 3 Questions for $45



Various facilitated workshops are offered to guide you to rediscover your inner knowledge, trust your intuition and receive messages from the natural world.

Animal Communication

Animal Reiki Training

Plant Communication


Grief Workshop


For more information, please visit the events page or contact me for more details.