Lucinda A.







“We met Terri at Dog Days last year. First let me say that she is an amazing human being. She is kind and I do believe she has a special gift to share. Out of curiosity we tried this on a whim and were shocked at how right on she was with specifics. My dogs love her and she has really given us insight as to how to remedy some critical issues we were having with a couple of adopted dogs. I trusted her insight and was not disappointed. It’s cool to be able to communicate with your fur babies. Very interesting to say the least! The more of an open mind you bring with you the more fluid the “conversation” becomes. This is pretty amazing.”

Craig Wright







“Terri is very gifted, has a great deal of experience and imparts information and awareness in a very gentle way. She listens to your story and incorporates yours with hers. It is a reciprocal experience. I realized how much I learned after a couple of days after allowing all of the information to settle in.”

Dawn A.







“Terri is such a fantastic teacher. She is very patient and allows you to learn at your own pace. The exercises she provides are very helpful and will be invaluable. She has such a big heart and it is clear that she does this work to help the animals and to pass on their message to the world.”

Eve. A







“I have had the joy of working with Terri both as a client and with another client. She has a very gentle spirit and laser focus, which allows her to get to the heart of the matter. She is very gifted and really enjoys what she does as is evidenced by her connections with people and animals. My dog loves her and she has hit the mark with him each time. She is a Blessing. ”

Giuliana M.







“What an amazing gift Terri Wallace has.  My min pin dog Miss Bella hasn’t been herself.  I knew I needed to connect with her on a spirit level to see where she was out of alignment.  Terri has such an ability.  She is a gifted pet intuitive.  She is able to talk to you fur baby or pet in a loving gentle way that they TELL you what is wrong so that you are then able to change the energy that is bothering them.  They pick up on the energy in the home.  Terri gave us a gift.  Now we can concentrate on healing the whole family.  Terri really is one of a kind and I highly recommend her.”