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One of the fundamental concepts of inter-species communication, either animal communication or with insects or plants, is:

All living beings have their own thoughts, personalities, needs and perspectives. Our ability to communicate with other species, such as animals, opens up whole new possibilities for sharing and learning from their wisdom.

My role as an Animal Communicator & Holistic Healer is communication, guidance and mentoring. Even though I am based in Arizona, USA, I offer training and workshops in various locations, as well as consultations via phone and email. As a Holistic Healer, I offer Reiki and other energy healing modalities for both humans and animals.

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Here are what a couple of my clients are saying:

“Having met Terri Wallace at a Spiritual conference, I knew that she would be a person that I could trust to work with animals for their highest good. She has come a long way since the day I met her not only with her practice as an animal communicator, but also with her wonderful intuitive sense. I called upon her a few years ago when my kitty passed. She tuned into him to help and guide me with what had happened. It gave me peace.

A few years later his son came to me and wanted to live with me over where he was presently living. My current kitty wanted no part of it and I again turned to Terri to tune into the two of them to see what the best course of action would be. With Terri’s guidance and the approval of his current owner I was able to find a home for him where he is completely happy and content. My kitty is better too as he is an alpha male. My kitty, who is now five, spent a great deal of time outside wandering at night when he was younger. This was very stressful for me as I did not want him out in the dark.

One night I called Terri in a panic and she tuned into him and said that he had a raccoon friend and he was just fine as he was hanging out with his buddy. He finally came in the house and I did see a raccoon on the edge of my property within the next couple days. I trust that Terri was right and they were buddies. I highly recommend Terri for any sort of animal communication work as she is caring, loving and dedicated to our four-legged friends. Even though we live far apart I am planning on doing some more animal communication classes with her at some point. Like me, if she could, she would save every animal on the planet. My sincerest recommendation to Terri ‘s work. And thanks to Terri for everything she does. I truly wish there were more people like her!.”

— Paula F. ( Schaghticoke, N.Y.)

My lost kitty

“I have to say that Terri is down to earth, personable, and very easy to talk to. It gave me great comfort that she was in this with me, in trying to find my lost cat George. Terri helped me learn to communicate with George. She gave me a lot of insight into his personality. This has helped our relationship. Terri did not give up. She helped me communicate with George. This brought him to a familiar spot where I could find him. She told me that he had gotten injured and knew exactly where on his body. She was right! I don’t have kids, so George is my spunky teenager.

It is the worst experience to go through when trying to find your lost pet. It can take time to track them down, and communicate with them to bring them home. But Terri was a God send in helping me find George. You have to work as a team, and Terri was the best partner.”

-Jennifer K. ( Phoenix, AZ)

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