Signs your house is haunted

14 Signs Your House Is Haunted

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How to tell if your house is haunted by ghosts or Earth-bound spirits


I have been hearing more and more stories about strange things happening to people that I know. Most have to do with the possibility that their house is haunted or that they have ghosts or other Earth-bound spirits hanging around. Because of this, I’ve put together a list of 14 signs  your house is haunted or that a ghost is hanging around.

Not everyone believes in spirits, ghosts and the paranormal, but when it comes to getting the heebie-jeebies or strange things happening when alone, everyone seems to wonder the same thing. Are ghosts/spirits real?
I know that ghosts or other types of Earth-bound spirits are real, as I can communicate with them and help them move on back to Source.
Most are not negative or harmful. Many are looking for some help or answers so that they can finish crossing over.

Of course, there are some spirits that can be more mischievous than others. For them, it’s all about getting your attention to let you know they are near you. Also, they get their energy from people and people’s emotions, so, getting a reaction is necessary for that.
Spirits can be attached to the house, to land that the house is on, to a piece of furniture or to someone in the house.

14 signs your house is haunted or that a spirit or ghost is haunting you:

1. Sudden temperature drops or a cold breeze suddenly in one area.
2. Hearing people talking, whispering or someone calling your name — and no one admits to it.
3. Seeing shadows from the corner of your eye with no explanation.
4. Sounds of items being dropped or moved when they haven’t been.
5. Lights, TVs, computers any electrical items turning on and off on their own.
6. Feelings of being touched slightly.
7. The hair on back of your neck standing up for no reason.
8. Feeling as if someone has walked past you.
9. Feeling as if someone is standing close behind you.
10. The cabinets and drawers opening in the kitchen with no explanation.
11. A random smell in your home that can’t be explained.
12. Objects that disappear only to reappear later in the first place that you looked — or sometimes in a different spot.
13. Unexplained scratches, bites and/or bruises.
14. Animals and plants are very intuitive. Dogs especially can get restless when a spirit is present. Pets will sometimes throw up suddenly. They will act strangely, like growl, hiss or stare seemingly at nothing. Plants may suddenly wilt or die even with enough water and sun.


Click here if your child sees ghosts.

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Feel free to share your ghost stories in the comments.

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