6 Small But Powerful Actions to Take Everyday to Help the Planet and Animals

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With so much going on in our lives and—I’ll be frank—the negative impact we humans have had on Mother Earth, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to choose activities that make a difference. It can sometimes seem like our own actions can’t change the circumstances in which we live.

The truth is: You can make a difference through small but mighty ways—and you’ll feel empowered and find your own spirits raised, too.

  1. Perform one random act of kindness.
  2. Smile at everyone you see.
  3. Pick up trash/litter you see outside and dispose of it properly.
  4. Say “thank you” for whatever is in your life and truly appreciate this beautiful planet, animals and joys of life.
  5. Replace harsh chemicals with natural solutions.
  6. Send healing and love to Mother Earth and all of its inhabitants whenever you think of it while going throughout your day.

I hope that this information serves you. Please share this information with your friends, family and children.

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