Animal chat-messages

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Animal chat-messages is a new column that I have added to my newsletter. I will be channeling these messages from a different group of animals, plants, insects and rocks each newsletter.

A male Iguana in sand looking to the right. Animal chat

– A message from the Ants

Please hear and see us when we are moving at a fast pace. It is because we are working to accomplish a goal we have set in tune with the earth. Many times the earth has shifted to accommodate the goals of others. Each time the shifting affects all of those here. Our job and goal is to help keep the dirt filled with food and water for all of those living in it. When we are looking for help to keep the earth alive, you may see us in your homes. We take what others do not want or use and turn it into food for ourselves and others. We always work with each other. There are many species that live in and above the ground. They each play an important part in this cycle of life.

If you do not want us in your homes, place the food that you do not want outside for us. We the ants and many others will make use of it. So please be patient as we are much smaller than you. It will take many of us to take it to our homes. When you see us moving dirt and making mounds, it is because we are making new pathways and homes. It is part of the process of aerating the earth. We will always remove the mounds when we are finished. By aerating the earth, we help plants and trees get food that is necessary for their growth and life. The plants and trees and in turn help many other species grow and have life. It is the cycle of this life for all on this earth. 

Thank you for reading animal chat-messages.

– Joanna the ant