Animals’ Past lives and Reincarnations

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Do animals reincarnate? Can they come back as humans? Yes, they can. In this article, we answer many questions about animals’ soul journeys through real examples.


I had not really thought to ask the animals about past lives and reincarnation before writing this, specifically whether animals have past lives. They do, and, I’ve talked with many different animals that have changed their species, so to me it just seems the normal thing to do. It seems that the more people become interested in helping the animal kingdom, the more questions come up as to how much alike or different we are from them.

People are curious if animals have past lives and why they reincarnate. Animals definitely do have past lives, in my experience. My understanding is that reincarnation and past lives are related. Reincarnation is the actual act of returning from a spirit or soul form into a body, which is either human or non-human. Past lives are the actual life that was lived previously.

Why Animals Reincarnate and Why They Have Past Lives



A soul can come back in any form it wants, whether it is a human, plant, insect or animal. When I asked my dogs Daisey and Jackie if they have had past lives, their response was, “Of course, we have.”

As they explain it, each being has the opportunity to choose what they would like to experience each time they reincarnate.

Each of us comes from the same place, one filled with love. It’s like a giant bowl of water where all of the pieces of us are together as one being. Each time we start a new life, a drop of the water (which is a soul/spirit) leaves the bowl and takes on a new physical form. Sometimes we are the same species, such as a dog or cat, and sometimes we change species. It just depends on what we want to do or see each time around.

Jackie says she comes back as a dog more because its fun; she can do what she wants more than when human.

However, it also depends on whether we have “completed” the previous life. By completion, Daisey says the soul must “feel” like it was satisfied with the life they have had. I understand that to mean a soul isn’t attached to the outcomes in any of their previous lives. If they are, then they come back in a form that will help to “complete” or make peace with that life. Some animals that I have spoken with shared that their lives had been intertwined with many of the same people over and over again in the past, and they would continue to do so in the future. This conversation usually took place when the animal or their person was getting ready to leave their physical form and go back to spirit.


BC Liked the Freedom of Being a Cat 




My friend Donna had a cat named BC who shared the same information with me years ago just before he transitioned (left his physical body/died). At that time, he had also explained to me that souls can come back as often as they like and in any form they choose.

BC particularly liked being a cat because of the lifestyle—great connection to source and pretty much getting to do whatever he wanted. BC had come and gone with my friend through this life many times and many other lifetimes. He had been a tiger, a basset hound, a little boy, a girl gypsy, a soldier, and a frog, just to name a few. He told me that we all do this, and it depended on what happened during those times. We have things to work through, usually at another time, depending on the circumstances of the death and life in the previous incarnation.

The most recent lifetimes have been used for wrapping up or completing the past life issues ASAP. This is because the animals’ main role has been to help support the humans and Mother Earth with the ascension process. Each time a being comes back now, they may choose to be a different species if they feel it will help them with their completion of this process of healing past issues. All beings have the goal of feeling complete and happy with all of their life experiences, and changing species gives a different point of view.


Romeo the Dog’s Story of Resolving Past Life Trauma



The most memorable example of this would be about my dog Romeo. Romeo became a part of my life when I was a kennel manager in Florida. The facility was pretty big, and we often housed animals from rescue groups that didn’t have their own place to house the animals or that were full. Romeo was part of the Rottie (Rottweiler) Rescue group. One afternoon, this man brought him in saying he was told to drop Romeo off. He handed the leash over, said that the dog’s name was Romeo, who was about 1.5 years old. The man then left really fast.

Everyone at the kennel could see that Romeo was scared of everything, even of the man who brought him in. Romeo was given his own space like most of the others, but next to an easygoing girl in a space that was easy to clean. He was so scared that he wouldn’t allow anyone near him, not even for food. After a few days, the owner of the kennel and I decided it was time to start socializing him with us. Every day I would talk to him: telling him I loved him, how pretty he was, everything would be OK, and we would take care of him until a permanent home could be found.

Three months later, Romeo started to come around and trust me a little. I was the only one who could get near him. Sometime later, there was an outbreak among the rotties, an upper respiratory infection. A few died of it, but Romeo was not been affected by it. I was asked if I would foster him until the outbreak was gone.

I introduced him to my other kids—my daughter, and our two dogs and three cats. Everyone got along very well, almost as if he were a part of the family already. He refused to go anywhere with anyone other than my daughter or me. So Romeo became a part of our family.

Romeo had some really strange issues. He was always guarding the food; he would help himself to the refrigerator, freezer and pantry. He would eat or drink whatever he felt like tasting. He even managed to get around the kid locks I had installed. He loved human kids but couldn’t handle when they would squeal or scream, even if it was in excitement. He would pace, whine and bark until they stopped. He also had a major problem with people in pools; he didn’t like it and let me know about it. He would whine, bark and try to pull them out. He wouldn’t go in but just pace and run around the edges. I would have him go inside to a room, and put on some music so he couldn’t see or hear people, especially the kids. These reactions were unusual for Romeo since that was the only time he barked or whined.

We moved to Maryland in 2008, and that was where I found out that Romeo had a special connection with my niece Abbie. Abbie would say one word and Romeo would do exactly as she wanted without any hesitation—this rarely happened with me, LOL. When all of the grandkids would go swimming, he tagged along, concerned only for her. He would sit and wait after she told him to stay while she played and swam. Then, after a while, he would continue with his pacing and whining, trying to pull her out. Back inside he would go when I took him there, without any trouble. Sometimes he would pace so hard that he rubbed his pads raw or tore a nail.

After moving to Arizona in 2013, another special connection came into our lives: Cathlene. Romeo acted with her like he did with Abbie; anything she asked he would do except stay out of the fridge. One day in the beginning of June 2014, we headed out to the pool. I had just gotten in when I realized that Romeo had followed me outside. I hadn’t really thought about his water issues because it had been a few years since the last incident at my parents. When I started to get out of the pool, he told me he was okay and would sit under the umbrella. He seemed to be only paying attention to Cathlene, staring at her intently. I heard the wind start to blow, I commented on how a storm seemed to be heading our way. Then the wind sound was getting stronger, then howling.

The sun was shining, and I was the only one to hear the wind howling and feeling rain on my face. It took me a minute to realize that I was someplace else at the same time. This can occur when experiencing a past life. As I described what I was seeing and feeling, the rain came down harder, the wind became more apparent, and I could taste the salt. I could see an old wooden ship that had water going over the sides. The ocean was really rough and seemed to be overtaking the ship.

I was in the middle of a huge storm and it was dark. I saw a tall thin man with dark hair and a short beard calling out looking into the water. I asked Romeo what was going on. He just looked at me then continued his stare at Cathlene. I asked the man what his name was—he said “Jonathon,” then continued calling out into the wind.

I had a hard time understanding because the wind and rain continued to get louder. It really felt like I was watching two videos at the same time. One, I was in a pool with the sun shining with birds singing on a hot day. The other was watching a man standing on a wooden ship in the middle of a storm calling to someone, with the rain falling hard and the wind howling. I could see the waves engulfing the ship, and then the image was gone. Romeo stayed for just a minute, then went inside.

Two weeks later, Romeo helped himself to the fridge and freezer again. What I didn’t realize was that this would be the last time he did this. The next day Romeo developed a slight cough. By Thursday, he started throwing up and couldn’t keep anything down even water. I made an appointment to see the vet, which he strongly objected to. He kept saying he was fine and just had an upset stomach probably from the dog food. We both laughed.

That night Romeo and I talked for a while. He told me that the storm that he showed a few weeks earlier was about him and was one of the reasons he was in my life. He had lost his wife and child in the storm, and he eventually drowned as well. Abbie and Cathlene were his wife and child in that life. He felt that he needed to make peace with that part, and I had helped him to do that.

Romeo didn’t want to go to the vet; he wanted to stay at home and transition. I said at 90 pounds, it would be a big help to me for him to go to the vet so that they could help with his body. He finally agreed to go. When we went, Romeo was about the same physically as before. The vet office had said to withhold food and water, which he was fine with. I was getting off late from work, so Cathlene was taking him, and I would meet them as soon as I could. I wasn’t happy about the whole situation but also realized there was a reason for it. When the time came to go, Romeo was having difficulty getting into the car but managed to climb up on the blanket in the back. By the time they arrived at the veterinarian office, Romeo wasn’t able to stand up very well and had to be carried in on the blanket.

When I got there, he was on the examination table, and when he saw me, he got this big smile. I smiled back and asked how he was. He told me he was ready to go home and was going to take as much with him as possible. The office manager came in to discuss what they had found. He was running a fever, and they had trouble palpitating his stomach and hearing to his heart. He was congested in his lungs, similar to an upper respiratory infection. They suspected he had a mass in his stomach but weren’t sure. They could do some testing and give him antibiotics to see how he would do over the weekend but felt that he probably wouldn’t make it.

I let them know that we had talked and he was ready to go. With the help of the medication, Romeo transitioned at approximately 4:45 p.m. Afterward, his body started releasing all of this water; it came pouring out and filled a small office-sized garbage can that was in the room. No one in the office had ever seen anything like that.

One of my other kids told me later that it was from when he had drowned as a human. What a sense of completion for Romeo and understanding for me!

I continue to talk to Romeo on occasion to see if he will incarnate again and if so, in what form. So far, he is staying in the fishbowl of unconditional love. He feels that at this time he can help more from there.

All of my kids have answered many questions for me in regards to how life works. I am grateful for each of them for being in my life. If they weren’t, I would not have been or continue to be helpful to the animals and humans.


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    Beautiful. Amazing and so full of love!!
    I’m pretty sure that Guido was Pedro came back in a more energetic “portable” format.. And I believe I have had an angel of some sort that has been in my life since I was a child always as a German Shepherd. Currently Malachi..I think he’s been all eight. I see lessons that Malachi as a year old knows that Ed learned at the end.. It’s amazing. God is amazing and all his creatures.. Love you too my wise friend!

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