How to Ask Our Insect Friends to Stay Outside

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When insects come into our living space or we encounter them while going about our day, let’s change the way we think of these essential, fascinating, incredible creatures. They have amazing gifts! How cool is it to fly, to find flowers innately and know the best route back to the hive, to smell decay from miles away­­­? They are some of the superheroes of the animal kingdom.

True, sometimes we don’t want close encounters with them. When that happens, here’s what I like to do in order to show them respect and wonderful living beings with whom we inhabit this planet:

  1. I ask any insect that I don’t feel comfortable with to please stay outside of my living home. I agree not to hurt/kill them if at all possible, including avoiding the use of sprays, toxins, etc.
  2. I agree to help remove from my home those that forget or who didn’t receive the memo—without harming them.
  3. I ask them to remain where I can’t see them.
  4. I ask for them to not bother, bite or sting me and other beings that live inside my home.
  5. If they have a message to deliver, I ask that they just send the necessary amount of beings to get the message to me and no more. (And yes, they do talk to us, if we listen. I’ll share some of these stories with you soon in other blog posts.) I also ask that they deliver the message in a different way, such as in a dream, visions or songs, or that they talk to me when I am more able to hear what they are saying. Last case, I ask them to speak to someone else who might be in a better position to hear what they are saying if I am not hearing their message.

I hope that this information serves you and helps improve your interactions with animals. Please share this information with your friends, family and children.

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