You Can Make a Difference Right Now, Today

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Be kind, and raise your vibration


I had the pleasure of hearing Marianne Williamson speak at Unity of Phoenix about a month ago. I love how she engages the audience. She spoke for about an hour and then had a question and answer period where she came into the audience and to the person asking a question. Her question and answer period was longer than her speech.

The stop at Unity is one of many across the country. She is trying to get a movement together to help people stand up for the wrongs that are being done, especially in the political arena. The one thing that I remember is that if each of us can make a difference and play a huge part in this area when we don’t like what we see or hear. We can register to vote and vote for the person we feel will make the change we desire. I know many people don’t think that will make a difference, but it will at some point even if it’s to just say no. Many don’t feel like it’s that important — or they want someone else to take a stand. There were several people who said that Marianne should open her heart and accept people’s wish for her to make a stand-similar to Martin Luther King or Mother Teresa. Her response was amazing. She said that each of us had to do our part. We each do our work inside ourselves to raise our vibrations. We each need to open our hearts and work together as one. We each need to come from a place of love instead of fear. Each as individuals must continue to stand for what we feel is right. The right way to respect, honor and treat others and ourselves. By doing so, we will be working together to make a change for the better in this world.

To take it a step further, how we behave towards beings and situations. Be kind, compassionate and respectful to this place we call home (Earth), as well as to others no matter what they look like or where they come from. Smile at someone you don’t know, hold the door open or do both. Be kind to the planet — pick up trash when you see it, recycle when possible, talk with love to everything, even the plants or bugs who seem to irritate you. Ask the bugs to stay outside of your space or use deterrents instead of harsh pesticides.

We all live on this planet together and, in my opinion, if we want to keep doing so we have to cooperate with each other while we are here. This includes all living beings: the Earth, the plants, animals, insects, rocks and minerals and other humans. Some don’t care what happens when they are gone, but I ask, “Do you care what happens to your kids or grandkids?” Then please take care of it today. One small thing done each day can have a huge effect on tomorrow; it’s the ripple affect or pay it forward. Pay it forward into the future.

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