My Child Sees Ghosts, Angels, Spirit Beings and/or Imaginary People — What Do I Do?

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In the past few weeks, a number of people have told me that their child sees ghosts and/or angels, and asked if that was possible. Or, they ask some variation, like:

  • Can children see ghosts?
  • My children see spirits; is that possible?
  • My gifted children have imaginary friends, is that OK?
  • My child says she sees angels; is that real?
  • My daughter sees ghosts/my my son sees ghosts — what do I do?
  • My kid says she can talk to animals telepathically.


With my experiences throughout my life, particularly as a child and as a parent of an intuitive daughter, I feel especially qualified to help both the parents and the kids.

When I was young, the animals helped me when no one else could. I was raised Catholic — the spirits that I see, and my ability to speak the language of the animals wasn’t readily accepted until later in my life. It still isn’t by some.

My ability scared most of those that I encountered. I was often called names, made fun of and even physically bullied. People didn’t understand (or want to) why I talked with ghosts, angels, animals, insects and plants. Others wondered why I would even want to. Sometimes I am still treated as if I am crazy and made fun of. I realize that this is because my gift isn’t always understood, and so it sometimes scares people.

When I started kindergarten, I was shunned by the kids at school, so my animal friends would walk with me to school on a daily basis. They reminded me that they were always by my side, so I never felt alone.

I often got in trouble with the teacher for “daydreaming” because I would look out the window to make sure my friends were still there. I talked with them as I was learning — sharing new and not-so-new knowledge with them. The teacher said that my imaginary friends had to go home and wait until I finished school before we could talk or play. I was heartbroken; none of the other kids would play or talk to me. My only friends were being told to leave.

I learned very quickly when others were around to say nothing when my friends spoke or flew by. I shut down, became shy and quiet, and learned not trust myself and others. It was easier to not say anything than to endure the teasing and ridicule that came, even from adults.

But now as then, I always take the time to stop and speak with any animal I encounter. If they need help, I help as best that I can.

As the years went by, I continued helping the animals as needed and learned to work with people, as well. I managed a kennel when I was in my 30s and learned to balance the two. If there was an issue with an animal, I was able to relay the information to the vet, my boss or the owner without them knowing that I was actually speaking to the animal.

My mom always said that I just had a way with the animals. What people don’t understand or know is that I hear them like I do people, I feel in my body what they feel. I am able to translate their language so that people can understand them.

I’m sharing this because it wasn’t always an easy road, and I feel that I am able to help others with similar experiences.

There are many children being born or already here that are very sensitive or intuitive, in other words, a psychic or a medium. They are often referred to as Crystal, Indigo or Rainbow children. The purpose for these children is to open up the channels and strengthen the connections between God, Allah, Jesus, the Universe, Buddha, etc., and the rest of the world. They are supporting the animals, plants, insects and crystals; all of which have been supporting the human species since the beginning of the planet.

I have come up with some suggestions and tips on recognizing and helping special empathetic, intuitive children who see ghosts, angels, spirit beings, energy, imaginary people, etc.:


  • Release the fear of the unknown, the fear of those that are different. That means accept those that are different from you.
  • Always be truthful when discussing ghosts, angels, feelings, etc. If you are not, the child will learn to not trust. Psychic or intuitive kids pick up on emotions and can be very sensitive to the energy of other people. This is because many are empaths, which means that they can feel the emotions of others. Intuitive kids can feel it if someone is upset, sad or angry. This can make them feel overwhelmed or sick to their stomach.
  • Honor what your kids feel about people and situations. Don’t brush off their feelings as “nothing” or as a “coincidence.”
  • Be careful of the child’s environment. Intuitives feel energy so deeply; they are extremely sensitive to their environment. Loud noises or places where there are a lot of people or activity can easily overwhelm them. With their heightened senses, something as simple as the television being too loud can be too much. Many prefer being home over going to school. Imagine being that sensitive and having to spend time in a room with a lot of kids and noise all day long. This can cause intuitive kids to be anxious and flat out refuse to go to school. Many become labeled ADD, ADHD, etc.
  • Allow some quiet time. Intuitive kids need quiet time to themselves to recharge every day. Relaxing music, meditations for kids, and writing or coloring can help them feel more relaxed and grounded. Physical activity (such as a trip to the park) can also help them feel grounded by relieving them of excess energy. Just being outside helps them.
  • They have great instincts about people and situations. You can’t fool a psychic kid! They get a sense of who and what people really are and of what’s on the surface. These kids know when someone is lying to them or not being sincere. It’s the same with situations. You may tell them that everything is fine — but if that’s not true, a gifted kid will know it. Encourage them to trust their gut feelings and listen to that still, small voice inside.
  • Let them talk to you about their spiritual figures, imaginary friends, or even loved ones that they never met. That imaginary friend your son or daughter is chatting with may actually be their Spirit Guide! It’s OK to ask your child questions about their “imaginary friend,” such as their name, what they look like, and what they chat about. Intuitive kids may also talk about loved ones who have passed away. They may know things about them or talk about having conversations with them. Many psychic children talk about, or have a love of, spiritual figures. Spiritual figures such as Jesus and Buddha are Spirit Guides to these children, and that is why they feel their presence or talk about seeing them. Everyone has a main guide and several other guides that come and go throughout our lives. Spirit Guides are loving beings that assist us on our journey through life
  • Kids will sometimes have memories of their past lives. They may even say something like, “I remember when I was the mom” or give you other indications of a past life.
  • They have a special love of animals. This is one of my favorite things about psychic children! They Love animals! They adore animals and cherish them!
  • Many children have sleep issues. This is never easy, and these children may experience vivid dreams, nightmares, or have just have trouble sleeping.
  • Intuitive people are very creative, a right-brained function, as is intuition. Analytical functions, like math, are left brained. This explains why so many gifted kids are creative and highly imaginative.


There are many types or names for psychics. Please don’t feel that you have to fit your child into one of these. Educate yourself by reading some general books. Find a mentor to work with your child if it feels right to both of you.


The best advice that I can give is to relax, let them move at their own pace and support every part of your special child. You are blessed to be the parent of a very unique being who has a very special purpose for being here.


If you encounter a child with these abilities that isn’t yours, you are just as blessed. Please treat them with immense love, acceptance, guidance — and above all, believe them!

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