Why Consult an Animal Communicator?

Why Consult an Animal Communicator?

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People call me all the time about their animals. Why isn’t he getting along with our other dog? What’s wrong with her … because she seems sick?

I can help both the people and the animals because I have a sacred gift of being able to communicate with animals telepathically. It’s a privilege, honor and immense responsibility that I treat with great respect.

It’s sort of like when you know something without a logical reason. Maybe you were thinking of a friend right as that person telephoned or just knew an appointment would be canceled before it was. In a somewhat similar way, the knowing I have with the animals comes to me as a conversation where they talk to me mentally.

There are skeptics out there. And that’s OK. I’m not trying to convince people of my gift, and there are those with whom this doesn’t resonate. And that’s OK, too, because many animals and people are helped every day by people like me. My purpose — my mandate — is to use my gift to help animals everywhere, as well as people ready to hear their animals’ messages with an open heart.

Through this gift, I’ve helped animals and their people when they:

  • Didn’t know why their animal’s behavior suddenly changed
  • Didn’t know where or why their beloved animal companion started limping or otherwise seemed hurt or sick
  • Wanted to know why their animal companions started fighting
  • Wanted to know why their loving cat started marking
  • Wanted to strengthen the human/animal bond
  • Needed to know if the fur child was ready to cross over to the other side/or the animal needed help with the transition
  • Wanted to know more about their animal friend’s feelings or thoughts or insights

I hear the animal’s message, communicate it exactly and then relay the human’s messages back to the animal.

In a consultation, I talk to the human over the phone through a prescheduled phone appointment and the animal telepathically. Distance is not an issue.

Consultations can be one-half and hour or a full hour. You can schedule an appointment here.

Learn more about me here or browse a few of my testimonials here.

Thank you for reading this post. One thought that I’d like to leave you with is to remember that the animals, plants, insects and other life on this planet are essential. Our role is to honor life, all life.

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