Conversation with Dexter the Dog

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Conversation with an amazing dog

The following is a conversation that I had the other day with my friend’s dog Dexter. I asked him what he wanted to say to his mom.

Dexter and I met a little over three years when his mom asked me to do a consultation with him about some health issues that he had.

Dexter and my girl Jackie became instant friends. They definitely were together in a different life or lives.

Right before this conversation, Dexter re-injured his hip, leg and spine and started physical therapy and acupuncture again to help him heal. Here’s what he had to say to his mom, in addition to the health information that I passed on right after his re-injury.


Dexter: I love hot dogs!! I want some more please

Me: Why do you love hotdogs, Dexter?

Dexter: I love hotdogs! Did I tell you that I love hotdogs?

Me: [laughing] Yes you did. Please tell me why and when this love for them happened.

Dexter: My mom gave me them a few weeks ago, and I just love them.

Me: Is there anything else that you want to say to your mom besides loving hotdogs?

Dexter: [Big eye roll] Okay, my mom knows that I love her, but pleeease tell her that I do. Tell her, “thank you for helping me.”

Me: All right, I’ll tell her.

Dexter: Tell her that I like goofing around, talking with my wild friends. Haha, get it? My friends really are wild — hahaha. They live in the woods.

Me: [laughing] I get it. You’re a funny guy. You like to play around, don’t you?

Dexter: Yes, I do. Tell my mom that I want to ride in the back of the truck for a little bit. I know she won’t like that, but I want to feel the wind blowing on my whole self when it’s cold. If she says, “no,” I can ride with all the windows down, but don’t say that to her first. Let’s see if she will let me ride in back.

Me: Why do you want to ride like that Dexter?

Dexter: I like the cold; it makes me feel like a puppy.

Me: How has therapy been going?

Dexter: It’s okay. I don’t like the exercises so much. Sometimes they hurt. It feels better after I sleep.

Me: One last question, Dexter, is there anything else you want to say?

Dexter: I like talking 🙂 and the name Monroe — it’s my middle name.

Me: Thank you, Dexter, for sharing yourself.


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