Dos and Don’ts When Greeting Animals

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How to greet an animal


I so often see people (especially kids) make our companion animals uncomfortable and scared by coming on too strong. They are incredibly sensitive to energy and can feel our intentions no matter how bold or subtle. That can put our animal companions into a tough spot. They may shy away, or they might possibly feel so threatened that they must lash out. Teach your children how to greet an animal.

Here are some ways to animals prefer to interact with humans…

What works best for animals:

  • Do allow the animal to come to you.
  • Do speak softly and quietly when approaching.
  • Do relax and pet them gently.
  • Allow them to smell your hand as you hold it out.
  • Gently scratch behind the ears or under the chin.

Please don’t:

  • Don’t pull, poke, kick, hit, jump on, yell at or scream at them.
  • Don’t stare at them when approaching — it makes them feel threatened.
  • Don’t use quick movements or run at them.

Now that we have got that straight, a good rule of thumb is to treat animals with the same consideration you would another human being and yourself. I hope that this information serves you and helps improve your interactions with animals. Please share this information with your friends, family and children.

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