Basic Animal Communication Zoom Class in April

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Have you ever wondered how animal communicators do what they do? Did you know that you can learn to understand what your dog, cat, horse, hamster or snake is thinking and feeling? I am a professional animal communicator and I have created this class to show you that communicating with animals like I do is something that everyone can do. I will give you the link to a Facebook practice group where you will be able to practice with other student’s animals and I can provide you with personal feedback from me.

In this class, I will teach you the tools you need to strengthen your connection and develop a more conscious communication with your pet. I cover the concepts behind animal communication, what it is, how animals do it and what you will need to do to prepare yourself for this kind of communication. You will learn techniques for quieting your mind before connecting with any animal.
Receive confirmation for information in every practice session by joining the practice group. Practice with different species not normally accessible to you. Stay connected and involved in between your classes. Continue with the practice group even while taking classes if you want to expand your knowledge and abilities faster.

Requirements: Have an open mind and be willing to practice. I suggest keeping a notebook for all of your communications so that you can see the progress you make.

This class is for:
For people who feel frustrated by bad behavior, training or health issues with their animals.
For people who would like to know their animal’s opinions and decisions.
Rescue groups and shelters who would like to help the animals that you work with.
Professionals who work with animals including veterinarians, vet techs, animal behaviorists, pet sitters, dog walkers and horse trainers.
Those who want to deepen their relationship with animals.
For animal lovers who want to be able to communicate telepathically with their animals.
Please do not take this class if you are looking for a quick fix, the process taught in the class requires practice and patience.