What is animal communication?

Animal or Inter-species communication is a unique opportunity for learning, clarity and healing. Through direct two-way information exchange, we increase mutual understanding and can work to resolve issues in our relationships with other beings. Psychic animal communication is natural; everyone can talk with animals! Most of us have simply forgotten how. The universal language of telepathy allows us to use our natural intuition and abilities to communicate with other species.

How does it work?

Energetic preparation and intentional connection with the animal happens first. Information is then received in the form of thoughts, ideas, words, images, sensations in the body, sounds in the mind, emotions, sudden knowing, etc. Because inter-species communication is telepathic, it occurs regardless of the physical proximity between the Animal Communicator and the animal/plant/insect. In other words, it is communication that does not require being in each other’s presence.

What are the benefits?

Telepathic animal communication is valuable in many different situations, as it enhances mutual understanding between animals and their person/s. Some reasons to consult an Animal Communicator:

  • To identify past issues that cause the animal to alter his/her authentic behavior and be in a distressed or diseased state. Animals relaying descriptions of their symptoms, feelings and pains (e.g. location, quality and frequency) can be helpful to veterinary health professionals in their diagnostic process and help with treatment.
  • To help understand what is causing a physical illness. Communicating meaningfully about these issues significantly helps the situation; addressing these underlying issues appropriately can improve your animal’s balance and well-being.
  • To investigate specific behavior problems. Consulting with the animal can help alleviate the behavioral issues and/or make for more effective training techniques.
  • Assisting animals with transitions and environment changes. This helps prevent anxiety and abandonment fears and improves everyone’s stress level.
  • For a more loving and joy-filled relationship with your animal friends.

Are services just as effective on the phone as in person? 

Yes, they are. I do offer some in-person consultations by appointment only. I enjoy interacting in person with the animals and their people. However, over the phone or zoom is just as effective.

Is telepathic communication limited to animals?

Telepathic communication is not limited to animals. It can be used with all life forms, such as plants, insects, crystals and minerals.

Do you only work with dogs and cats?

No, I also work extensively with horses, birds, insects, plants, dogs, cats and other life forms.