What Fleas and Ticks Are Trying to Tell Us

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It’s the season of fleas and ticks, which means that many of you have been dealing with a flea and/or a tick issue. For some reason, this year seems to bring a big dose of our creepy crawly friends. As much as I hate to admit it, they are one of my least favorite species. They have a bite that continues to aggravate, agitate and just plain hurt long after they have moved on. They leave us and our animal friends feeling miserable, all while trying to grab our attention.

That said, fleas and ticks, like other insects, come to us when they have a message for us, when they are trying to tell us something important. When we try to ignore or chase them away, they always come back with a vengeance. Whether we use pesticides or a natural remedy, they will not leave until we (our souls) hear what it is they are trying to tell us about our lives.

The other beings that live on this planet are here for the most part to help us with our soul’s journey. They do have their own journey too, but, for the most part, they are our support team. They will bring us messages quietly at first, but if we continue to ignore them, they will get louder and louder until we pay attention. It’s kind of like a small child who wants attention. If our attention isn’t given to them right away, they will continue to misbehave until they receive attention. Negative attention is better than no attention in their eyes.

So my suggestion is to get in the still quiet space for just a few moments. Usually right before I fall asleep is good for me. That’s when I ask them to tell me what they want me to hear.

I am sharing this because of my recent experience. I noticed that there were a few ticks hanging around the dogs. I asked them to please stay outside of my house. They refused until I heard their voice. So I listened. They were in need of a safe haven because they were being wiped out. I found that hard to believe since a tick can lay approximately 18,000 babies at a time.

However, I said they could stay in the backyard; they just couldn’t come in the house at all. Sometimes I would find one or two hidden in the dog’s underarm and in the house. I let them know that if it continued happening I would use some deadly measures. They stopped coming in.

Then suddenly fleas started appearing, first just a few, then lots more until a complete infestation was under way on all the animals.

I had used several methods to get rid of them to only have it get worse. I had asked what they wanted me to know, but because of being really irritated in general, I didn’t hear what they were saying. I spoke with them in my dream time so that I could really get a handle on the conversation. They kept asking me why I was so irritated. What was taking my life force from me? Was it a person, place or thing?

Fleas do take our blood — and that is our life force. So I started asking myself: What in my life was causing to be so irritated and what was draining my energy or life? Maybe this would help me to understand why I was so tired as well.
What I found is that the fleas and ticks represent the “shadow side.” They love living in the dark. I found that I had become unhappy with my situation.

I had moved to become a part of what I thought was a great idea to help others and make a difference in the world. But it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be, and I was getting more frustrated and irritated by the day.

I hated the life that I was experiencing at that time. I found that I was resenting others that are abusive in some form to not only others but to me as well. Now that I have had multiple conversations with my insect friends, I am processing my thoughts and emotions. I am making a change that will definitely be for the better, and the fleas are finally starting to subside.

I hope that applying this to your own life will help you and your animal family this summer.

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