Funny — Ha! Ha! Jokes from Our Insect Friends

Funny — Ha! Ha! Jokes from Our Insect Friends

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Got a ‘download’ from my insects pals with some cute insect jokes meant to get some laughs.

Happy humor from them to you!


Q: What do frogs order when they go to a restaurant?

A: French Flies.


Q: Why was the ant so confused?

A: Because all his uncles were “ants”!


Q: Why don’t termites drink coffee?

A: They become jitterbugs!


Q: Why do termites do well in math?

A: They understand the logarithms!


Q: What kind of fly has a frog in its throat?

A: A hoarse fly!


Q: What do you call two ants that run away to get married?

A: Ant-elopes!


Q: When is a baseball player like a spider?

A: When he catches a fly!


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Photo credit: Jeanne Iliescu


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