Ghosts-8 Ways to Remove them

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“Ghosts” that are unwanted or any negative energy in your space are easy to remove. Choose from any of my top 8 remedies. Your space could be a house, condo apartment, vehicle or even yourself. Some I do on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on how I feel. I am around a lot of people every day, which means I interact with a lot of different energy that isn’t mine. Because I am around others so much, it sometimes makes me feel strange. The same might be true for you. However, I have found that by cleansing or clearing, it removes the unwanted energy, spirits and/or ghosts.

Here are my top 8 remedies:

1.Light a white candle

I use unscented tea lights and I light one on a daily basis sometimes more than one if I am guided to. The white candles have a purer more positive energy to them, but I also like cinnamon or vanilla scented.

2.Play some music

Music that makes you feel really good, peaceful or calm is the best. I like to listen to all types but when I am clearing my space. Snatum Kaur, Deva Pemal or Mirabai Ceiba are some of my favorites. I just put them on Pandora either in my car or in the house. Besides listening at night when I’m having a hard time sleeping, I also put on some of my favorite upbeat groups and play them pretty loud singing and sometimes dancing with my dogs.

3. Burn incense

My favorite is smoking out the house which I do weekly and I mean that there is so much smoke from the resin burning that I’m surprised the smoke detectors don’t go off. resin which is burned on a charcoal piece which is used for hookah pipes. I like the brands starlight or three kings, because they light up quick, are smaller and don’t have a lot of junk mixed in with them like some brands. My favorite resin is copal which comes from trees in Guatemala, Central America. Sometimes I’ll mix frankincense with it which has a sweeter smell.

White sage is also another favorite-it usually comes in a bundle or even Nag Champa. I’ll use these when I’m not smoking out the house but maybe I just want a little boost. There are many different scents available that you can use depending on your taste. When I’m smoking out the house, I start at the front door and walk counterclockwise. I fan the smoke so that it moves over the entire area from ceiling to floor, all closets, cabinets, mirrors and windows. I will leave the front door as well as the back door open just a crack to help move the energy out easier.


I use crystals throughout my house and yard. Different ones have specific purposes for helping us in our lives. Because some of my favorites are black tourmaline, rose quartz, amethyst and citrine, I use a book called the crystal bible. It also has a lot of information on the different types and their properties. Crystals can be found in a lot of different places. Besides, I enjoy going to Quartzite or Tucson, Arizona for their rock, gem and mineral shows. Local shops can supply your crystals as well. 

5. Calling in the Arch Angels

Because Michael is the protector , Chamuel is about love, Raphael is the healer and Gabriel is excellent with communication I like to ask Michael, Chamuel, Raphael or Gabriel to help me with the ghosts or spirits hanging around on a nightly basis. . Arch angels will always help the lost ones to go to the white light. There are many other angels that you may feel drawn to as well that can help.

5. Using salt

Sprinkle the salt around the perimeter of the yard and house. Across the outside threshold of the front and back doors and window sills. “Only love is allowed here” is a nice mantra to use. Because I like the feeling of this mantra, as I sprinkle the salt I say that only love is allowed here and that everything else must go.

6. 91st Psalm

The 91st psalm- the 91st psalm is a psalm of protection in the bible. I was having trouble with a few ghosts that were tricksters in another house a few years ago. A friend recommended this to add to my regiment. He said to count the number of doorways that I could walk through in the house. I had nine.

Most importantly, I was to write the 91st psalm out completely on nine sheets of paper. (I didn’t understand what it meant until about the 6th or 7th one.) Then roll the paper up like a scroll and wrap it with a red ribbon. I was to place each scroll over the doorways that I had counted before, so I used thumbtacks to hold them in place. I found this to be pretty interesting as I am not a religious person, but figured that I would be willing to try it. The ghosts stopped the trickery and moved on.

6. Statues

The placement of statues like Angels, Gargoyles, Griffins, Buddha, Dragons around the house and yard can be a benefit . Because of the this, I usually place one in each of the four main corners of the yard or house. I have a Saint Francis statue that is in my garden and my dad’s rosary in my car hanging with a quartz crystal. Listen to your intuition on the placement for your space.

This is quite a variety of things that you can do. I suggest that you do what feels right for you. Ghosts are spirits have not crossed over the rainbow bridge or into the white light. Sometimes people have loved ones that have died and they don’t want them to leave. If the spirit is in the light, they don’t try to scare you, you don’t feel them disturbing or bothering you. Your loved ones may leave a scent or you feel as if they have given you a hug.

Some “ghosts” can be uncooperative. I find that if I take the time and ask them what they want, most just want help going to the light. Have you heard of the saying ” bad attention is better than no attention? In my experience it’s true. As a result, I find that the more attention that you give to them after using any of the above items, the more they want to stay and get attention. Because of this, it’s better to acknowledge their presence, see if you can assist them to the light and then let them go. If you feel the need for help with ghosts I am a “ghost-buster” and I am happy to help.

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  1. Barbara Becker

    Great article Terri! Its good to know we have more than one way to assist souls who are lost and to maintain the peace and harmony in our home and businesses.

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