Grandpa’s Message for Me to Share

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Here’s a message from Grandpa Insect given with love and honor.

I am Grandpa insect, and here is my message. Please understand that all species of beings here on this planet must work together for our survival as a world. The insect population is far greater than any other species. We, however, work together to help each other benefit, not compete against each other.

Without even one species here, the earth will not be balanced and will not be able to sustain the life that is here.

Every being and every species has a very specific purpose for living on this planet. Please remember that when you swat at the fly or kill an ant or mosquito.

The idea is to pay attention to what’s around you. We are there, just as you are. We may not see you, just as you may not see us.

When irritation, annoyance and fear affect you so much that you hurt us, it is also hurting you. You might not understand or recognize it, but we are all connected and related. If the mosquito is no longer here, it affects all of us. Most of us don’t think a mosquito has a purpose; however a mosquito’s purpose is to survive and make more mosquitoes. This is just like every other species. It is important to understand that many birds and other insects eat mosquitoes, and that many fish eat mosquito larvae. For these creatures, mosquitoes serve as food. And so the cycle goes on for all species (except humans who forget this).

Remember that we love you.

— Grandpa Insect


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