How Animals Release Harsh Energy and How We Can Too

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The members of the animal kingdom excel at paying attention to what their bodies and souls need, along with what can be harmful. The animals are particularly good at releasing the harsh energy that circles around the world so that it doesn’t affect their overall physical well-being.

I have asked the cat species to help me explain techniques that work for them. For anyone who knows the cat species, you know that they are independent, loving and intelligent. Not to say that other species aren’t, but cats are definitely “different.”

Here’s what they tell me are some of their favorite ways for releasing harsh energy:

  • Yawning
  • Shaking their legs
  • Stretching the whole body starting with the lower back, hips, tail then moving forward to the head
  • Vomiting
  • Sitting on the earth (dirt or grass is preferable to rocks), climbing trees and hanging outside
  • Playing/rough-housing
  • Walking through water; some like to swim
  • Sunbathing
  • Sleeping


Like us, the animal kingdom will succumb to disease if the harsh energy is not released from the body as soon as possible. What happens is the energy stays stored in the cells and then causes health issues, such as a cold, fever or much worse. Death is the end result when harsh energies are stored for too many years.

We humans are so interested or concerned with transitional happens, like what job we want, where we want to live, possessions we can accumulate, etc., that we often forget to enjoy life. We forget to live in the moment. That’s why the animal kingdom is here—to help support the human species in any way necessary. They came to remind us of unconditional love, trust, faith, peace and much more.

The animals, although they have their own “stuff” like us to work through, will often take on the energy of a human they are close to. There are several reasons for this. The main one is to help make us aware of what is going on inside ourselves.

They help us to process the harsh energy that is often left behind because of the intense emotions we humans have. Many humans were taught to keep their emotions and thoughts to themselves, and this keeps everything inside, including the harsh energy.

Have you ever seen an animal that looks or acts like his/her human counterpart? If you pay close attention, you will even see that the medical issues are very similar. Again, this is because the animals are trying to bring us into an awareness of what’s going on inside of us and to come back into a state of love, joy and peace by expressing our thoughts, emotions and feelings in such a way that is not harmful to any living being.

By following the lead of the cats and other animal species, we can learn to incorporate some of the techniques used by them to diminish the harsh energy from our thoughts and bodies and ease back into the love space. This would be a huge improvement to the overall health of the planet.

Remember to be in love with yourself first, and give yourself time to release harsh energy, so that you can be in love with the rest of the world. And remember to thank your animal companions for mirroring messages to you.

Peace and blessings…

  1. KDKH

    Thank you for this wonderful reminder of the unseen things that animals do to help us. I won’t see yawning the same again!

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