Insect Armageddon-Fact or Fiction?

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Armageddon, Apocalypse or business as usual?

Is there a difference between the insect Armageddon and Apocalypse and are we headed in that direction is the question many people ask. Is it true that the insects are already there or is it just a ploy to get us to react to climate change? There are many articles that talk about this topic. Here are a few that I came across.

Part of my job as an animal communicator or pet psychic is to translate not just for the animals but also for the insects. The insects like all of the other species on this planet, do play an integral part in the day to day operations of this place we all call home-Earth. I remember the day the insects really got my attention. As an adult, I didn’t always pay attention to them. The insects kept “bugging” me until I finally stopped and listened.

Here’s what happened

A few years ago, while working I was driving down Camelback Road in Phoenix. I was stopped in traffic waiting for the light to turn green when I heard someone say ” hey, hey” , like they were trying to get somebody’s attention. I looked around to see if they were talking to me. All I saw were people in their cars like me doing their own thing. It was a hot summer day, not many had their windows down, including me. You know how it goes when your in traffic, sometimes it seems that you hit every red light. Well almost every one anyway.

Talking with an insect

At the next light, I heard it again. “Hey, hey, hey” . I looked around again and I didn’t see anyone talking to me. Then, I heard a knock on the driver’s side window with the “hey, hey”. I looked and still didn’t see anyone. I thought I was hearing things or maybe it was a ghost. They sometimes get my attention like that. I said, I don’t know who you are or what you want, but, if you want to talk to me, you better show yourself or leave me alone! ( I tell this to the ghosts)

“You are bigger than me, but we really need to talk .” is what I heard. While looking harder, I could finally see this insect that was on the window. I said to it that we will have to talk later when I’m finished working. I was getting ready to go as the light had changed. Well apparently the insect didn’t want to wait. It stayed on my window until the next red light. The only thing it did was to change positions from being vertical to horizontal. I thought it was to prevent it from being blown off.

praying mantis insect on leaf looking at you help support the insects

After several lights of this, I decided I had better just talk with the insect. What is so important that can’t wait for a few hours I wondered. “The insect world needs help from the humans and it can’t wait,” replied the insect. “We are disappearing at an alarming rate. If this continues, then nothing will be able to survive here.” I felt that I was only one person. What could I do? “Well” said the insect, “you can share this with as many as you can. Help the humans to understand that their actions are hurting everything on this planet, including themselves and future generations.” There are so many things that we don’t know or understand about insects and that can be a little scary. Here is an event that takes place every year that might help us get to know the insects better.

Other Blogs

Recently, I have written a few other blogs with messages from the insects to help share their wisdom. I try to help others see the importance of changing our habits for the better. For example, recycling or picking up trash when I see it blowing around. I also put together a coloring book with a shortened version of this story. It is used as part of Earth Healing Foundations educational programs.

young girl with ball cap feeding a goose with a chicken. Part of  Earth Healing Foundations educational programs

A friend recently sent me this article on insects and how our actions and behaviors are impacting the insects and the world. I think that it is worth sharing and may help you to become aware of what’s happening.

After talking to the insects and researching this Armageddon concept, I believe that it’s really happening. The article above, “Saving the Insects”, explains that many species are already extinct and many others will be shortly. Included below are several articles that might help us to change the direction that we are headed.

I realize that each of us are only one person and as an individual, might feel like we are not able to do much. If we each do what we can each day, it will make a difference. However, not killing an insect because they are too close to you or are bugging you, can help stop this Armageddon. Avoid using “bug zappers”. They are hurting insect diversity which includes all beneficial insects and usually fail to attract mosquitoes. Do not use harmful pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Use organic fertilizers like manure or kitchen craps for compost, this helps the insects.

Ways you can easily help the insects

Check out some of these videos on insects and how to help.

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