What the Insects and Birds Think About Donald Trump

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With the recent U.S. election, many people are worried and upset. What will this mean? What are the administration’s plans? Is this a fascist administration keen on making as much money as possible at the expense of the health of our planet and our communities? Will it be as destructive as it looks like it’ll be?

These are valid concerns because — he will — and nothing will ever be the same. It’s not just Trump. Mother Earth has been showing signs for years through the mass extinctions and wholesale destructions of life on this planet. We’ve lost one-half of all life on this planet since 1970 (click here for the scientific source, in addition to what the animals tell me). But Trump brings the tipping point.

Here’s what the insects and birds have to say about it, in their words.

First I want to tell you who I am and why I’ve been entrusted with this message. I’m an animal communicator (read about me here) and have been all my life. Animals, insects and even plants and fish speak with me telepathically. The insects and birds specifically have asked me to deliver this message, as well as a series of messages over the next several weeks.

First, they say, things have to change. They are adamant about it. They’re putting their “fist” on the table. “There are no ‘buts’ anymore. There can be no excuses anymore.”

They point out that humans have become more about what we have/own/possess as opposed to loving the planet and life on this planet. We are meant to enjoy nature and our time on this planet — but responsibly.

“Humans have become disconnected from their inner selves and from everyone else and all the rest of the life on the planet,” they tell me.

This has led to a breakdown of society. It allows our shadows and our darkest natures to dominate instead of living from a place of compassion and love.

We humans — and the entire planet as a result — have been out of balance for a long time. We need to get in touch with who we really are: loving beings who honor ALL life.

Here are just a few examples of things to stop doing today (if you haven’t already):

  • Stop using poisons and other chemicals. Yes, even insect spray.
  • Stop building pipelines, fracking the planet and mining it.
  • Stop buying things that you don’t truly need.

The bees, plants and food are all related. Without the bees (which have been so destroyed by the chemicals we use in agriculture and elsewhere that they’re being added to the endangered species list!) there is no food for us. It all ties together.

What’s Coming

The animals tell me that Donald Trump is the igniter of a forceful change (that was ready to burn; he’s throwing a match on it) that has been coming for many years because things are so out of balance. People won’t be happy with what’s about to happen. Even the insect and animals are looking for a safe place to go to escape the coming destruction.

It’s tempting to let the fear of this overcome you. Try to stay in the love. Here are tips.

I know that it’s a challenge to stay in the love when we are harming the planet and the planet’s life, especially since it’s getting worse.

I, like you, don’t like Trump being in there, but I understand that this needs to happen to bring down the way we’re living, even though it’s going to cause suffering and destruction.

Why the Insects and Birds Are Speaking Up Now

These creatures are going to keep talking and trying to get our attention. They’ll even do things like commit mass suicide in a desperate effort to get us to pay attention. A recent example is the 10,000 snow geese (the beautiful image above is a snow goose) that landed on a toxic pond that was leftover from a mining operation in Montana that’s been allowed to sit polluting the planet and life for years. (See a story about it.)

The insects and birds are going to keep talking because they’re being wiped out, because our planet is being wiped out!

They would literally shake people out of their complacency if they could. That’s what they are trying to do, in fact.

Here’s Something to Do Right Now and Forever

Care about all beings — the ants and mosquitoes too. They have to feed their babies too, like us. We don’t always understand their purpose, but they’re essential. Mosquitoes, for instance, feed bats, snakes and frogs. Ants aerate the earth and feed other animals.

There’s a balance for everything. When one thing is out of balance, everything is.

Let’s all change how we’re caring for Earth and ourselves — right now, in our own lives. Lots of people are doing kind things for the planet, but not enough people are.

Think before you do something. For instance, when scorpions come into houses, think before you kill them. Did they come into our houses, or did we come into their houses by building on pristine desert land?

The Next Wave

If we don’t make major changes now, the earth will start throwing even bigger fits, such as more earthquakes, more flooding, more tsunamis, more droughts and other destruction. This will happen in our lifetimes, soon.

The insects and birds want to point out: “We’re being judged because we are not exactly the same as humans. For this we’re being hurt and killed — and at this point, being made extinct — because of fears about differences.”

All beings are equal and connected. What you do to others you do to yourself.

The animals know that “human stuff” happens. But, try to live by these words: Treat everyone the way you want to be treated, whether they’re human and non-human.

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Image of the snow goose courtesy of Max Pixel.

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