J.J.’s Story: Learning to Accept An Animal’s Gifts and Help, With Loving Guidance

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J.J. is an incredible little girl dog who became part of my family even though I didn’t want any more additions. It’s funny how they know who their family is, and we as humans often ignore the signs.

J.J. is intelligent and bossy. She keeps telling me that she is the caretaker of the family. When I ask what that means, she usually starts with a story of how she was once the best doctor and surgeon around, how the whole world would come to her for her expertise. I usually tune her out because she brags so much.

Well, one night, Mister, one of my little guys, kept complaining about his side and back hurting. I scanned his body as I had been taught all those years ago while learning Reiki. I saw where he had torn some muscles and needed stitches. So I did what is called “psychic” surgery. What that means is that I saw in my mind’s eye where Mister needed the stitches and then proceeded to put them in. Afterwards I gave him an aspirin to help with the pain.

Everything was back to normal until a few days later. I usually have everyone go outside to go to the bathroom before going to bed. Mister was the only one who didn’t go. He said he didn’t need to. OK, I said, but felt that I would probably be up sometime in the middle of the night to let him out.

My intuition was right. Mister woke me up sometime around 3:30 saying that his stomach hurt and he wanted to go out. Out we went, but he couldn’t go poop. He said he was in a lot of pain but couldn’t go. Back inside we went. I asked if he wanted to go to the vet — a big NO was his answer. OK, I said, but if it doesn’t get any better, then you are going. After getting in bed again, Mister just couldn’t get settled. In and out we went a few more times before I finally decided to do another scan of him. (I’m not sure why I didn’t look before, probably because I was tired and wanted to go to sleep).

At first I did a quick scan, knowing where his problem areas have been and didn’t find anything. So I took a closer longer look at his whole body. When I got to his small intestine I could see that it was a little backed up. The large intestine was really backed up. A look at the area where the small and large intestines meet revealed a few stitches that almost completely closed the intestine. I actually did a double take, then looked at where I had place the stitches then back at the other ones.

They were not mine. I was baffled by this discovery, but I needed to provide Mister with some relief. I went in and cut the stitches so the intestine would be completely open. Shortly after, he asked if he could go out and try again, so out we went. After what seemed like forever, Mister was ready to come back in. He was smiling and said he didn’t hurt anymore.

As he went past me I said, “Hold it!” I want to know where those stitches came from. At first he kind of hemmed and hawed, and then he slowly told me how J.J. had talked him into letting her practice and put stitches in just like I had. She said it won’t hurt or anything and it would help the two of them. So he agreed. The next day, I sat down with the two of them and explained that I did not want this happening again. I understood that J.J. was trying to help, but I wanted her to work and practice with me for a while. I need to be comfortable with her abilities. They both agreed to let me develop a program for J.J.

A week went by while I was contemplating how to do this. I have never come across another species that wanted to do psychic surgery. Although after much thought, it makes sense. Other species are quite capable of healing themselves like we are.

I decided to have J.J. work with Jackie — after all they are very much alike and get along; they both agreed to it. The following is what prompted me to share J.J’s talents with a friend who then suggested that I share her stories with others.

Last night, I came home to find Q-tips spread throughout the house. I had just bought a big bag of them because I use them with aloe vera, coconut oil and sometimes tea tree oil to clean Jackie’s and Daisey’s ears. At first I told all of the dogs that strewing them everywhere was unacceptable behavior, and I didn’t appreciate the mess.

Then I saw the sad, disappointed and hurt look on J.J.’s face. Everyone ran outside as was our routine when I come home even though the doggie door is always open. I continued to pick up the Q-tips. It was as if we decided to ignore each other. A few minutes later, J.J. came running past me and said, “I did what you told me. I used the Q-tips to clean Jackie’s ears. They were really dirty.”

I smiled because I had forgotten that I asked her to do that. What I hadn’t realized was that I meant for her to help with the emotional stuff and energetically like she did with Mister. I had the thoughts in my mind on how and what I wanted her to do. Obviously, we miscommunicated with each other.

Haha. I wanted J.J. to work with Jackie on forgiving the people in her life that had hurt her in any way; those that had caused her trauma. As I found later that night, Jackie isn’t quite ready to do that as fast as J.J. is.

I have asked J.J. to help me when I do energy work on others as long as it is OK with them. So far her new found skills have been admired and accepted.

J.J. was a great surgeon in another life, and even though it’s different being a dog, she wants to put her skills to use. She has so much to teach me and others. I will do the best that I can to pass on her stories in the future.

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