Listen to Music to Raise Your Vibration and Get Loving Reminders

Listen to Music to Raise Your Vibration and Get Loving Reminders

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High-vibe music can raise your vibration

I love music, as I’m sure you do. Have you closely listened to song lyrics? You can listen to high vibration music to raise your vibration.

My favorite high-vibe music includes high-vibrational tunes like Mirabai Ceiba, Snatam Kaur and Deva Premal. Rock is also a fav, especially Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles, Doobie Bros, Elton John and more. Recently I really heard the words by the Doobie Bros. It made me start paying attention to the lyrics of other songs. Wow, what an inspiration! My Higher Self was speaking to me through these songs.

Is Spirit speaking to you through your favorite songs?

So many messages from Spirit and my loved ones came through while I was listening to the high-vibe music. They helped me remember them and supported me when I needed it — raising my vibration and reminding me why I’m here and that I’m always loved and supported, that we all are.

What a trip! Some of these groups have been way ahead of their time as far as spreading the love and high vibrations. Queen is a perfect example — “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and “Under Pressure.”

Why can’t we give “Love One More Chance?” LOL!

Some, like the Beetles, were not one of my favorite, but came to be after I deciphered some of their lyrics like, “We can work it out” or “All You Need is Love.” Or the Eagles — “Take it Easy, Love will Keep Us Alive.”

My mind was blown away by the meaning and the timing of the music! Music now has a whole new meaning for me.

You, too, can listen to music to raise your vibration.

I hope this blog shows you opportunities to receive messages from Spirit and loved ones through music. I hope you enjoy these messages and the music itself as much as I do.

What music do you love? Let us know in the comments below.

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