Look Up! Your Guides Want to Help

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Our guides are always with us, and all we need to do is ask for their guidance


Have you ever watched the clouds and the different shapes they form? What an amazing sight they can be!

Sometimes they form animals, hearts or many other things.

I used to lie on my back when I was a kid and just watch them roll by. Now that I’m an adult, I don’t make the time very often to do that. However, I’ve made some adjustments so that I can still watch the clouds. I take a look every chance I get when I’m outside.

My favorites are the ones that I call the wispy angel clouds. They always seem to show up and follow me around the Valley when I’ve been asking for guidance or support. They are long, thin, flowy and wispy. I can usually, at some point, see the shape of long thin arms reaching out, along with a head. There is also what seems to be some sort of wings or robes. Sometimes these are more defined and sometimes not so much. I have also seen what looks like a face or an animal.

My guides have asked me to write about this to let others know that our loved ones that have passed (including animals) and our guides, Ascended Masters, as well as angels, are always around us. They are willing and able to give us guidance, support and love whenever we ask for it.

The key is to ask them when we want or need it, and then to say, “Thank you.” It doesn’t always come the way that we might expect it, but they are always around us.

I challenge you to do that — just ask for help and watch what happens. Please share below the different shapes that you have seen and the way that your peeps have helped you (if you feel guided to do so).

Oh, that brings me to one other point: I have the ability to communicate with our dearly departed, and often those who have moved from beyond physical again communicate with me. If you have the desire to communicate with a departed loved one and would like my help to do so, please email me to learn more about how I would price a session.

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