Digestion Essence



Crystal Essence blend designed to assist animals or humans with working thru digestive issues. The Digestive blend includes the following crystal essences:

  • Citrine- Directs energy constructively. Filters distractions emphasizing the highest good. Aids in decision making as it pulls in relevant information. Signifies tranquility -increases love and nurturing.Soothes the mind by allowing emotional releases
  • Bloodstone – Assists by stimulating the flow of lymph and metabolic processes; revitalizes and energizes when body and mind are exhausted; purifies blood and detoxifies the liver, intestines, kidneys, spleen and bladder; regulates and supports blood flow; aids circulation; reduces formation of pus and neutralizes over acidification; and cleanses lower chakras and realigns their energies.
  • Emerald-Enhances unconditional love and the ability to enjoy life to the fullest. Aids in recovery after infectious illnesses. Has a detoxifying effect on the liver.
  • Amber – Assists by drawing dis-ease from the body, cleanses and heals chakras, absorbs pain and negative energy; encourages peacefulness, clears depression and develops trust.
  • Moonstone-Helps the body assimilate nutrients, eliminates toxins and fluid retention. Balances male/female energy.Soothes emotional instability and stress. provides emotional balance.
  • Chrysoprase – Assists by promoting hope and energizes the heart and sacral chakras bringing universal energy into the physical body. Calming stone which stimulates acceptance of oneself and others. Enhances sense of security and trust.
  • Hematite-Aids spiritual alignment by harmonizing the mind, body and soul. Aids circulatory problems, leg cramps,anxiety and insomnia. Supports the kidneys by cleansing the blood. (Not to be used when inflammation is present or for long term)

1 oz dropper bottle

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