Here are what a few clients have to say:

I have to say that Terri is down to earth, personable, and very easy to talk to. It gave me great comfort that she was in this with me, in trying to find my lost cat George. Terri helped me learn to communicate with George and gave me a lot of insight into his personality, which has helped our relationship. Terri did not give up and helped communicate with George to bring him to a familiar spot where I could find him. She told me that he had gotten injured and knew exactly where on his body. She was right! I don’t have kids, so George is my spunky teenager. It is the worst experience to go through when trying to find your lost pet, and it can take time to track them down, and communicate with them to bring them home. But Terri was a God send in helping me find George. You have to work as a team, and Terri was the best partner.

-Jennifer Kushman (Phoenix, AZ)

Having met Terri Wallace at a Spiritual conference, I knew that she would be a person that I could trust to work with animals for their highest good. She has come a long way since the day I met her not only with her practice but also with her wonderful intuitive sense. I called upon her a few years ago when my kitty passed. She tuned into him to help and guide me with what had happened. It gave me peace. A few years later his son came to me and wanted to live with me over where he was presently living. My current kitty wanted no part of it and I again turned to Terri to tune into the two of them to see what the best course of action would be. With Terri’s guidance and the approval of his current owner I was able to find a home for him where he is completely happy and content. My kitty is better too as he is an alpha male. My kitty, who is now five, spent a great deal of time outside wandering at night when he was younger. This was very stressful for me as I did not want him out in the dark. One night I called Terri in a panic and she tuned into him and said that he had a raccoon friend and he was just fine as he was hanging out with his buddy. He finally came in the house and I did see a raccoon on the edge of my property within the next couple days. I trust that Terri was right and they were buddies. I highly recommend Terri for any sort of animal communication work as she is caring, loving and dedicated to our four-legged friends. Even though we live far apart I am planning on doing some more animal communication classes with her at some point. Like me, if she could, she would save every animal on the planet. My sincerest recommendation to Terri ‘s work. And thanks to Terri for everything she does. I truly wish there were more people like her!

-Paula F. (Schaghticoke, NY)

We first reached out too Terri about three years ago after we lost our big boy cat, Link. He was a special boy and a pure care giver. He witnessed horrific trauma as a kitten. After that event he spent his life caring for my daughter and myself. He could communicate and understand your feelings….When he passed it was sudden…..We needed closure…..we needed to talk with him and share our thoughts. Terri was able to orchestrate that communication and nailed it during our first meeting together. She shared with us his soul’s journey and purpose. It validated what we had always thought.

     Later on we adopted two bonded brothers from a rescue agency. We still had one cat and assumed she wanted some friends! The entire integration process was a challenge and Terri helped us get through it. Those two boys had experienced trauma when the owner suddenly passed. That household was taken away from them. It took time for the adjustment but we have come pretty far in that journey. Now it’s time for the elder cat in the household to move on. We sensed it…Terri once again validated the situation…..The cats are communicating amongst the three of them…They have shared sadness….but more importantly love. Terri guides us through what we feel in our hearts and our pets…. she has been a blessing…

-Rick and Jeanne S. (Sun Lakes, AZ)


“I have had the joy of working with Terri both as a client and with another client. She has a very gentle spirit and laser focus, which allows her to get to the heart of the matter. She is very gifted and really enjoys what she does as is evidenced by her connections with people and animals. My dog loves her and she has hit the mark with him each time. She is a Blessing.”

— Eve A. (Phoenix, AZ))

“Terri is very gifted, has a great deal of experience and imparts information and awareness in a very gentle way. She listens to your story and incorporates yours with hers. It is a reciprocal experience. I realized how much I learned after a couple of days after allowing the information to settle in.”

— Craig W. (Denver, CO))

When our dear Karma, a German Sheppard/Husky was diagnosed with Terminal cancer, we could not bear the thought of losing another family member. One evening I found a book marker with Terri’s name as an animal communicator. I truly wanted to know if Karma knew what was happening to her physical body, and that she was to leave us sooner than we could ever have expected.

Terri’s heart was open to a plea for compassion and kindness. She gave a great deal of time, listening and most important getting us to the point of understanding why this circumstance presented itself. Her guidance so helped as the days grew closer, and after Karma’s transition. Terri’s perspective was endearing, allegorical, and compassionate. She truly has a gift that she shares openly.

“We met Terri at Dog Days last year. First let me say that she is an amazing human being. She is kind and I do believe she has a special gift to share. Out of curiosity we tried this on a whim and were shocked at how right on she was with specifics. My dogs love her and she has really given us insight as to how to remedy some critical issues we were having with a couple of adopted dogs. I trusted her insight and was not disappointed. It’s cool to be able to communicate with your fur babies. Very interesting to say the least! The more of an open mind you bring with you the more fluid the ‘conversation’ becomes. This is pretty amazing.”

— Lucinda A. (Buckeye, AZ)

“What an amazing gift Terri Wallace has. My min pin dog Miss Bella hasn’t been herself. I knew I needed to connect with her on a spirit level to see where she was out of alignment. Terri has such an ability. She is a gifted pet intuitive. She is able to talk to you fur baby or pet in a loving gentle way that they TELL you what is wrong so that you are then able to change the energy that is bothering them. They pick up on the energy in the home. Terri gave us a gift. Now we can concentrate on healing the whole family. Terri really is one of a kind and I highly recommend her.”

— Giuliana M. (Alberta, CAN)